Returning to
the Office Safely

As we see markets around the world preparing to open, it’s time to start preparations to transition our global workforce back to the office.


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Health Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

General Guidance

No person will be required to return to the office if they are not comfortable doing so.

In order to ensure safety of all people, we are planning a 3-Phase Approach for returning to the office, to maintain proper social distancing. Phase 2 will end when all social distancing protocols have been lifted.

We would like to reassure you of the measures we are taking to help ensure your return is safe.

We have produced this FAQ to answer any initial questions you may have. If you have any additional questions, please speak to your Manager or a member of the HR team.

Phase 1

~25% Occupancy

Phase 2

~50% Occupancy

Phase 3

100% Full Use

When is the office opening?

We will base our reopening of our offices on the advice of the government. We have established a plan for how people can safely return to the office.

Before Heading to the Office

Please do not go to the office if you are feeling sick.
Check your temperature before coming into the office. If it is over 100.4°F (38°C), please do not come in.

Safer Commuting

Whatever your chosen mode of transport, please ensure you practice social distancing, and liaise with your manager around arrival and exit times.
We recommend you wear face masks and gloves on trains, buses and elevators. Discard gloves before entering the office. Wash hands before reporting to your workspace and use hand sanitizer regularly.

What measures have you taken to reassure me of my safety on return?

You will be provided with our Office Etiquette Guidelines on return, and where available, disposable masks. We have highlighted some of the points captured in the guidelines below:
We will be practicing social distancing (at least 6ft or 2m) in and around the office (when standing in lines for building turnstiles and elevators/stairs and avoiding assembling in large groups inside or outside the building) – please refer to the Office Etiquette Guidelines.
Please don’t shake hands.
You are encouraged to wear your mask in the office.
Please follow the visitor protocols.
The offices will be sanitized and disinfected regularly.
Open food will not be served in the office (no catering), only packaged or sealed food items.
Small meeting rooms will be closed in Phase 1. In Phase 2, they will be used only by one person at a time.
We will continuously provide updated guidance from local health authorities.

Can I work flexible time upon return or on rotation?

Yes, please work with your manager to arrange a mutually-acceptable flexible working schedule.

What does the new approach to working in the office look like?

Please refer to the Office Etiquette Guidelines.

What are my options if I’d rather return when the office is fully open?

No one is required to return to the office. You should speak with your manager if you are not comfortable doing so.

Will I be notified of a confirmed COVID-19 incident in the office?

We will notify you if we are aware you have been in close contact with someone diagnosed with or presumed to have COVID-19. In that case, you will be asked to work from home for up to 14 days, maintain social distancing, and self-monitor to ensure that you do not develop symptoms or become sick.

We ask that you maintain your calendar with updated with information on whom you have met, including where and when.

Refer to global, federal or local health guidelines to guide on when a quarantined person should return to the office.

What if I feel unwell in the office?

Please notify your manager and inform your office’s designated COVID Coordinator.

It is your responsibility to stay home from work if you are sick. This is good practice at all times but, given the manner in which COVID-19 is spread, it is critical that you do the right thing and stay home and recover if you are not feeling well.

What if a colleague informs me, he/she is feeling unwell while in the office?

Suggest they speak to their manager and inform the designated COVID Coordinator to record the incident.

Can I ask a colleague to go home if they are sick?

If you have concerns about a colleague who appears unwell, please speak to your manager, COVID Coordinator or HR representative.

Office Etiquette

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Before & On Arrival at the Office

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